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Endorsement from Mike Anderson

    May 16, 2022
    RE: Myrna Leija Endorsement for La Center City Council Position.
    My name is Mike Anderson, I am a retired Clark County, Sheriff’s Commander with 39 years of service. I was recently asked by Myrna Leija If I would write a letter of endorsement as a Candidate for the La Center City Council. My first response was, I would be honored to endorse her bid for the Council. Ironically, I started my Law Enforcement journey as a Deputy Town Marshall back in October 1978 before I went to work for Clark County in 1979.

    I met Myrna over 36 years ago when she was a student in a class I was teaching at Clark College. At that time Myrna was employed by the Vancouver Police Department in their records unit. Sometime later VPD and the CCSO merged their records units and Myrna became a member of the Sheriff’s Office. Myrna successfully tested and was promoted to Corrections Deputy. During her long Sheriff’s Office Career, I had the opportunity to manage and work with Myrna.

    What would Myrna bring to the existing City Council? First, a track record of public and volunteer service and an understanding of the County and City government functions. I asked Mryna why she was seeking the appointment, her response did not surprise me, she said, “I feel I could make a difference representing the citizens of La Center and I love this community.”

    If elected, I believe you would find that Myrna would be well read and prepared to assess and evaluate proposed ordinances, budgets, expenditures and long term planning / growth issues facing La Center. Myrna has always been the type of person who seeks out solutions that would balance community livability, support private enterprise and business. Myrna would be a great leader for La Center.

    Thank You for your consideration.
    Michael Anderson